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MS (Military Standard)
Military Fasteners

B&B Socket is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D Certified fastener distributor. Listed below is a sampling of some of the MS (Military Standard) numbers we carry.
MS3212 Screw, Sealing, Pan Head MS3213 Screw, Sealing, Pan Head
MS3367 Strap, Tie-Down,  Plastic MS3368 Strap, Tie-Down, Plastic
MS9047 Pin, Spring MS9048 Pin, Spring
MS15795 Washer, Flat, Metal, Round MS16535 Rivet, Tubular, Flat Countersunk
MS16555 Pin, Straight, Headless MS16556 Pin, Straight, Headless
MS16562 Pin, Spring, Tubular MS16624 Ring, Retaining
MS16625 Ring, Retaining MS16626 Ring, Retaining
MS16627 Ring, Retaining MS16628 Ring, Retaining
MS16629 Ring, Retaining MS16630 Ring, Retaining
MS16631 Ring, Retaining MS16632 Ring, Retaining
MS16633 Ring, Retaining MS16634 Ring, Retaining
MS16637 Screw, Shoulder, Socket Head MS16638 Screw, Shoulder, Socket Head
MS16994 Nut, Plain, Knurled MS16995 Screw, Cap, Socket Head
MS16996 Screw, Cap, Socket Head MS16997 Screw, Cap, Socket Head
MS16998 Screw, Cap, Socket Head MS18063 Set Screw, Cup Pt, Self-Locking
MS18064 Set Screw, Cup Pt, Self-Locking MS18065 Set Screw, Flat Pt, Self-Locking
MS18066 Set Screw, Flat Pt, Self-Locking MS18067 Set Screw, Cone Pt, Self-Locking
MS18068 Set Screw, Cone Pt, Self-Locking MS18211 Screw, Flat Head, Nylon
MS18212 Screw, Pan Head, Nylon MS19060 Ball, Bearing
MS20392 Pin, Straight, Headed MS20426 Rivet, Solid, Countersunk
MS20427 Rivet, Solid, Countersunk MS20435 Rivet, Solid Round Head
MS20450 Rivet, Tubular MS20470 Rivet, Solid, Universal Head
MS20613 Rivet, Solid, Universal Head MS20615 Rivet, Solid, Universal Head
MS21042 Nut, Self-Locking, Reduced Height MS21043 Nut, Self-Locking, Reduced Height
MS21044 Nut, Self--Locking, Regular Height MS21045 Nut, Self-Locking, Regular Height
MS21266 Grommet MS35275 Screw, Drilled, Fillister Head
MS35276 Screw, Drilled, Fillister Head


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